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Hale Breathing Aid opens your nasal passage from the inside out. It fits comfortably inside your nose and remains hidden to those around you so you can breathe better anytime, anywhere.

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How It Works

Hale is like a contact lens for your nose – it instantly opens up your nasal passages and is virtually undetectable to those around you. Unlike toxic medicines or sprays, Hale corrects the structure of your nose without the need for invasive surgery.

Hale was developed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and was rigorously tested to provide maximum effectiveness, comfort, and discretion.

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Breathe Better Than Ever!

Battling a nasal obstruction can make you feel like you’re breathing through a kinked straw. Imagine being able to unkink that straw – allowing you to take full, effortless breaths again. That’s exactly what Hale does for you!

Better nose breathing can improve your life in more ways than you might think. Hale can help you stop snoring, improve sleep quality, improve your athletic performance and even enhance your mood.

Life is good once you can finally breathe!


Doctor Recommended & Backed By Science

Hale was inspired by Dr. Byrne’s experience in both the clinic and operating room while treating nasal obstruction over the past 20 years.

Preliminary results from independent clinical trials have proven Hale to be 100% safe and more effective than nasal strips. In fact, Hale was even shown to be 95% as effective as full reconstructive surgery!

Hale relieves symptoms caused by:

  • Nasal Valve Collapse
  • Deviated Septum
  • Airway Obstruction
  • Nasal Inflammation
  • And more
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Discreet & Comfortable To Wear Around The Clock


Until recently, your only options to fix nasal airway obstruction were expensive surgeries or addictive sprays. The ingenious design of Hale is extremely effective without the need for toxic medicines or painful surgeries.


The Hale Breathing Kit includes 3 sizes so you can find a perfect fit for optimal breathing and comfort with any nose size. The flexible materials adjust and conform to your unique nasal anatomy.


Hale was designed to balance exceptional airflow improvement with minimal aesthetic change. The small clear band makes Hale virtually undetectable to others around you so you can wear it confidently day or night.

Here's Why People Love Hale

Better Breathing Is Seconds Away

Hale Is Easy To Use

step 1

Choose Your Size

step 2

Insert Hale

step 3

Breathe Easy!


Designed For Crystal Clear Breathing

Extended Use - designed for round-the-clock use
Compact Case - safely stores Hale to keep it clean on the go
Ergonomic Materials - extremely comfortable and easy to clean
Insertion & Removal Tools - optional tools make installing and removing Hale a breeze

Inventor Patrick Byrne, MD, FACS, MBA

After two decades of diagnosing and treating nasal obstruction patients, Dr. Patrick Byrne was inspired to create a better solution for his patients.

As the Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Head and Neck Institute and the Director of the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Byrne had access to virtually any resource he needed. This allowed him to develop a “dream product” that both solved the primary problem while fulfilling all the wishes his patients had mentioned throughout his career.

After years of development and proven success in independent clinical trials, Hale – the most effective, comfortable, discreet, and affordable way to improve your nasal breathing – was born.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try Hale risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.


If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Hale, you can easily return it, hassle-free!


Hale is owned and operated in the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts


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We control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high-quality product.


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Our mission is to help millions of people breathe easier.

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